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"The body of poetry, the poetry that comes from the body, from the throbbing blood, from the lungs that breathe, from the nerves that stretch like arrows to hurl their letters, their words, their sentences on paper. This is felt in the Susanna Benigni's poetry, not an abstract dream of skies, hearts and loves but a penetrating carnality that does not just gratify the view but sinks its blade of verse into the reader's living flesh. In this poetic narrative Susanna is certainly not Penelope who stands there waiting for the return of his hero but turns into a mermaid, he does not sing but enchants and writes verses so musical that they just wait to become song or romance or scream of desperate love. Reading his verses every woman feels like a siren and every sailor man: everyone can live their own personal Odyssey. " (from the afterword by Francesco Burroni)

Artist:Susanna Benigni, Italy
She is an artist and writer, her poetry reflecting in her colorful paintings.
Technique and style fall into the category of international contemporary art ranging in both techniques and subjects: conceptual paintings, “labyrinthine” as much as explanatory.
The play of contrasts and the facets in her painting are unique: “I see in the colors that blend in harmony, my being in the world among others, my styles are varied, it depends on what I want to convey at what time or emotion or a concept.
" Her need to combine painting with writing manifests her spirit halfway between the almost ethereal spirituality of a painting and the orderly and subtle magic of a written text.

Conceptual rhymes. philosophical design.

Abstract - Pop Art - Impressionism;

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